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50 000 р.
Shunina Lidia    (Москва)
Дата публикации: 05 февраля 11
Идентификатор резюме: 59296
Стартовый оклад: 50 000 р.
Пол: женский  Был 05.02.2011 
День рождения: 19 фев 1981
Образование: высшее
Местожительство: Москва
Семейное положение: холост (не замужем)
Общий стаж работы: свыше 6 лет

Пожелания к будущей работе

Отрасль: HR\Подбор\управление персоналом
Желаемый график работы: полный рабочий день

Последнее место работы

ноя 08 - ноя 10
Europlan, Jsc. (cars and equipment leasing) (),


HR-administration – all aspects, 550 employees
• HR-administration of all aspects in 5 corporate bodies (550 employees in aggregate) both in Moscow and regional offices (remotely – 43 cities): staff list, job descriptions, hiring, transfer, discharge, leaves, sick lists, rewards, labor books, employees’ files, obligatory medical insurance, HR-statistics (for management analysis, bonus calculation and for Rosstat), social payments support (employees’ financial aid, legal state maternity relief)
• HR-solutions under challenging circumstances: disciplinary penalties and fire by the company initiative (documents processing and department heads’ legal support at all stages)
• Successful check-out by state funds/organizations’ inspectors (Moscow Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund, Social Insurance Fund, State Inspection of Labor)
• Participation in labor documents’ IT-automation in 1C-programm, which involved projects in automatic generation of the T-2 form, labor references and additional agreements for employment contracts
• HR-procedures’ development and realization, the total control of regional HR-administration standards; supervising of 13 regional HR-managers (in the field of HR-administration)
• Creating a training program in HR-administration and conducting trainings for:
а) regional offices’ heads (to be prepared for competent coordination with the HR-service),
b) regional HR-managers,
c) HR-administrator’s assistants,
d) a recently employed HR-administrator
For all the above-mentioned HRs (b-d) – the adaptation and the coaching provided as well.

Предыдущий опыт работы

мар 08 - сен 08
Business Technology, Ltd. (conveyer equipment wholesale trade) (),


HR-administration – all aspects, 15 employees
• Creation and development of the company local standard acts: Internal Labor Discipline Act, Personal Data Protection Act, Salary and Bonuses Regulation Act
• Staff list, hiring, transfer, discharge, leaves, sick lists, rewards
• Labor books, employees’ files handling
• Working hours registration
• Coordination with State Pension Fund: pension insurance certificates’ obtaining
• Social payments support (employees’ legal state maternity relief)

Recruitment, adaption, trainings’ coordination, payment regulation
• Sales managers’ recruitment
• Employees’ adaptation and probation period control
• Planning and coordination internal trainings for Sales Department
• Payment regulation improvement (based on the results of the market salary research)
• Dischargement by the company initiative negotiations
апр 04 - фев 08
MPO-Rumyantsev, Jsc. (fuel-control systems and units for gas-turbine engines production) (),


• Managing 20-25 positions simultaneously – key specialists and department/division’s chiefs
• Candidates’ sources management: internet job search sites and professional forums/discussions, prints, job fairs participation, industry institutes and colleges relations, for some key specialists – headhunting techniques
• Interviews: screening by phone interviews, standard interviews in HR-service, coordination of final interviews with departments’ heads
• Efficiency analysis of candidates’ sources, fulfillment of vacancy deadlines and recruiters’ monthly results; salary reviews
• Recruitment, adaptation and coaching of new recruiters (responsible for 2 new specialists)
• Quarterly and annual budgeting for specialists and division/department chiefs’ recruiting

HR-administration – several aspects (a division by documentation type), 2000 employees
• Labor books handling
• Transfer documentation
• Sick lists processing
• Working experience calculation for annual and long-service bonuses computation
• Documentary support for working experience evaluation by State Pension Fund (hard working conditions – the 1st and the 2nd State hard working condition lists), successful check-outs by State Pension Fund inspectors


янв 03
Moscow State University, economy faculty


Знание языков

английский в совершенстве

Дополнительные сведения

Дополнительные сведения: All aspects of HR-administration in 5 corporate bodies (550 employees in aggregate): HR-procedures' development and realization‚ local standard acts: Internal Labor Discipline Act‚ Personal Data Protection Act‚ Salary and Bonuses Regulation Act‚ staff list‚ job descriptions‚ hiring‚ transfer‚ discharge‚ leaves‚ sick lists‚ rewards‚ disciplinary penalties‚ labor books‚ employees' files‚ obligatory medical insurance‚ coordination with State Pension Fund (pension insurance certificates' obtaining)‚ HR-statistics‚ social payments support (employees' financial aid‚ legal state maternity relief)‚ successful check-out by state organizations' inspectors (Moscow Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund‚ Social Insurance Fund‚ State Inspection of Labor); an experience of the remote HR-administration in regional offices; adaptation‚ training and coaching for new regional HR-managers (supervising 13 regional HR-managers in the field of HR-administration)

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