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Labour law Lawyer (RU0902A)

80 000 р.
Компания RH PARTNERS    (Москва, м.Алтуфьево)
Дата публикации: 03 июня 09
Идентификатор вакансии: 28661
Стартовый оклад: 80 000 р.
График работы: полный рабочий день  Был 03.06.2009 
Образование: высшее
Возраст: от 28 до 40
Командировки: иногда

Сфера деятельности: Юридические услуги
Специализация: Арбитраж \ Консультирование

Должностные обязанности

European company, known world-wide, existent from 80th, one of the leaders in the retail sales of sportive equipment and clothes through their chain of hypermarkets in cooperation with French Recruiting Agency RH PARTNERS are now looking for responsible, talented and energetic candidates for the newly opened position:

Labour law Lawyer m/w, RU0902A


* Elaboration of the working contracts and other local acts of the company regulating social and labor politic (regulations, rules, legal opinions, references and certificates and so on);
* Elaboration of juridical instruments for Top and HR-Managers of the company (instructions and guides), executions of trainings for them about necessary staffing documentation and rules;
* Consultations by firing of employees, staff reduction, recovery of disciplinary penalty, compensation receiving and other labour cases;
* Participation in the conflict situations resolution, representation of the company in the court and protection of its interests;
* Participation on the meetings and negotiations, organized by HR department or concerning HR or social policy of the company;
* Representation of the company by governmental and other authorities and committees (Working inspection, Social insurance fund, Medical insurance fund, Tax inspection and others ), in front of the employees and organized labour for regulation and explanation of internal rules, working security, conditions and so on;
* Control of following the labor law rules, local acts and internal procedures by all the departments and employees;
* Definition of working procedures for the employment of foreign people and necessary support in case of difficulties for visa/registration or working permit obtaining procedure;
* Monitoring and informing of company departments about changes in labor legislation, reporting about that to Headquarters.

Требования к кандидату

Общий стаж работы: от 3 лет до 6 лет
Работа с компьютером: уверенный пользователь
Профессиональные навыки: Profile of successful candidate:

* Passionate of sport;
* Excellent academic record in jurisprudence (preferably faculties of civil, corporate or labor law);
* Excellent written and oral communication skills in English or French is a must, fluency in French is a distinct advantage;
* Excellent knowledge of civil and labor legislation, eventually corporate;
* Knowledge in execution of HR documents, contracts;
* At least 4-5 years of experience as Lawyer with a mid-to-large size company (from 100 people) preferably in international firm and at least 1-3 years in labor law;
* Experience of the company’s representation in the court;
* Experience of work with organized labour is a plus;
* Experience of team management is a distinct advantage;
* Ability to analyze quickly and in workmanlike manner the targets/problems and propose the alternate solutions;
* Strong experience in providing legal support in labor legislation in Russia and a solid understanding of the European and Russian environment and business an asset.

Условия работы и Компенсационный пакет

Условия работы: * Official employment by Labor Code;
* Additional trainings, including some in France;
* Trial period of 3 month without salary change;
* Professional grows and possibilities of career development.
Компенсационный пакет: Structure of the proposal:

* Motivating salary package, discussable on the interview with the client (from 80.000 to 100.000 rur./monthly fix);
* Annual bonus from 0 to 20%, social package, other benefits and advantages;
* 10% discount for all the sportive equipment produced by the company;
* Allowance to the Fitness Club.

Знание иностранных языков

английский в совершенстве

Контактная информация

Кадровое агентство: RH PARTNERS
Контактное лицо: Метц Оксана  (Senior Consultant)
Телефоны:  7(495)7995608,
Электронная почта: ometz@rh-partners.ru